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Reuniting Kids With Nature

by Incoming President Helene Horvath Zielinski

In 1939, a 35-acre site on Lake Erie was purchased by the Rotary Club of Fremont for the Fremont Council of Camp Fire Girls. Four prominent men, all Rotarians, led the move to purchase. They were Harry Gottron, Sr., “Tubby” Caroll, LaMar Christy and Stan Wolfe.

The site was named Camp Yukita. “Yu kit a” translated means “a settlement to grow and flourish in friendly alliance”. 

The Rotary Club of Fremont purchased 6 cabins along with the first canoes and rowboats ever used at Camp Yukita. By late 1950’s, the Club funded the building of 2 new log-type cabins. 

Nature’s devastation, many years of wear and tear on buildings, wiring, waterlines and shorelines and a change in public thinking regarding camping for kids, made the sale inevitable. The equity built into Camp Yukita, through all those years, became the purchase and remodeling money for Misty Meadows in 1976.  The new site has more acreage than the original site. 

The Rotary Club of Fremont continues to be supportive of Camp Fire. In 2000, the Club funded new chains on the 6 swing set brought here to Misty Meadows. It was brought here after the new owners of Camp Yukita offered to give it back. 

I chose Schedel’s, at these beautiful gardens to unveil our local project which is Camp Fire – Reuniting Kids and Nature.

Though the inspiration for this project came to me this year, the seed was planted in 2001 when PDG D. LaMar Christy asked me to put together a history of Fremont Rotary Club for our 75th Anniversary. He had me delve into boxes and boxes of old clippings at Hayes Library and Museum. Personally I dedicate this project in memory of PDG LaMar. 

In 2007-08, Rotary Club of Fremont will direct part of its efforts and energy partnering with other service groups, schools and agencies to bring about an extreme makeover for Misty Meadows with the goal or reuniting our youth with nature. Our children are the first generation to be raised without meaningful contact with nature. Our vision is to establish a Traditional Residential Camp, Family Enrichment Programs, Teen Leadership Programs, Grief Camp and Environmental Education.


2100 Baker Road

Fremont, OH 43420

Tel: 419-332 8641



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